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Product Lines

NORTHERN MACHINERY SALES, INC. offers sales and services for the sheet metal machinery and structural steel fabrication industries. Below are our current product lines.

  • Advance Cutting Systems™
  • Baliegh™ 
  • Beverly Shear™ 
  • Birmingham ™
  • Built Rite™ 
  • Cosen™ 
  • Dake™ 
  • Champion Sullair™ 
  • Harper Rail & Vane™ 
  • Hossfeld™
  • Fein Hand Tools™ 
  • International Knife & Saw™ 
  • Kalamazoo Industries™
  • Kalamazoo Machine ™
  • Doran™
  • Dreis and Krump™ (Chicago)
  • Duro Dyne™ 
  • Eagle Morlin™ 
    Pittsburg Hammers
  • Everett™ 
  • Ercolina CML™ 
  • Exacta™ - 
  • Gary™ 
  • Genie™ 
  • Scotchman™ 
  • Haco-Atlantic™ 
  • National™ 
  • Lockformer™ 
  • Mid West Sand Rite™
  • Norlok™ 
  • Northern Plasma Sales™ 
  • Patriot™ 
  • Rams™  
  • Romeo Engineering™ 
  • Tennsmith™ 
  • Jancy™
  • Krendl™
  • Shop Data Systems™
  • Ruoff™

For more information about our sheet metal machinery manufacturers, contact us at (888) 971-3250 in Sutton, Massachusetts.

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